I’m a Southern gal with deep roots in beautiful Appalachia. The mountains and the lowcountry play tug-of-war with my heart, so we settled right in the middle of them, somewhere in small town South Carolina. Just a couple of hours from the blue ridges and smokies, and a few hours to where the spanish moss covers the live oak lined streets of our favorite beach town, we’ve found our happy place.

I’m a daydreamer and a night thinker. I love staying up way after the whole house is tucked in, taking in the quiet and calmness; it’s when I think and create and sometimes decide to rearrange all of the furniture. (or write “about me” pages. Seriously, it’s 2am.)  I cherish slow mornings spent in fuzzy slippers and multiple refills of french press. Honestly, the only reason I can ever get myself to go to sleep at night is because I know I’ll get coffee as soon as I wake up.



I love my husband, my family, and my Jesus. My husband amazingly believes in all the crazy in my dreams and lets me run with abandon towards whatever adventures and projects my heart happens to fall in love with. My daughter is a wild child with a gypsy soul. We “officially” started homeschooling this year, her pre-k year, and plan to continue for as long as she’s happy with it. Some of those crazy dreams that I mentioned, include buying an RV and spending time exploring all over the continent. Road school? Sounds like the life for me. <3



photo by brian schindler



For as much wanderlust that there is in my heart, I’m very much a homebody. If we’re not traveling, home is where you’ll find me, surrounded by family and friends, eating yummy food, and probably having kitchen dance parties while baking late in the evening.





apple picking in the fall of 2016 (snapped by my husband, on auto, so please don’t judge the photo, ha!)


About my Photography

Finally, I’m finding my way in this photography adventure that I’ve been on for years now. I’m learning what makes my heart flutter and what keeps me up at night with excitement. Finding and developing my own style is still a project that is very much in the works, but I can tell you that it’s raw moments, it’s life in all of it’s chaos and glory, it’s sunset fields on the riverbank. My heart beats for capturing these real life moments. But then my head, well, it spins with imagination and envisions gorgeous styled shoots reminiscent of fairytales and enchanted forests.

It’s unposed, unscripted lifestyle sessions.

It’s dreamed-up, thought-out storytelling shoots.

It’s capturing the wild, along with the wonder.



What’s In My Bag

• Nikon d750 • Sigma ART 35mm 1.4  • Nikon 50mm 1.8 •